Social Ranks and Noble Classes in Thedas

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High Lords

  • Emperor/Empress
    • Formally addressed as 'Your Radiance, Your Imperial Majesty'

  • Prince/ Princess(es)
    • Direct children of the Emperor/Empress.
    • Formally addressed as 'Your Imperial Highness'

  • Grand Duc/Duchesse
    • Formally addressed as 'Your Grace'.
    • There are two - one for northern Orlais, the other for southern Orlais.
    • Form a triumvirate with the Emperor to cover the governance of the empire.
    • Northern is most often based in Montfort, southern in Val Firmin.
    • Often travel throughout their respective territories.
    • Only answerable to the Emperor and the White Divine.

  • Duc/Duchesse
    • Formally addressed as 'Your Grace'.
    • There are two - one for Montsimmard, the other for Val Chevin.
    • Each city is so large, and so centrally placed with regards to Orlesian settlements and resources that the rank is needed to hold sway over all of the lords of the surrounding lands.
    • There are no other noble titles within these lands, only basic lords (owners of small lands) and knights (chevaliers and templars).
    • Governors are appointed to oversee the daily duties, and keep a small council and the collected lords and ladies of the land to tasks given by the Emperor; above all else, the continuing growth and prosperity of the Empire.

  • Protecteur
    • Formally addressed as 'Your Honour'.
    • There are four - two for Val Royeaux, one for Jader, one for Andoral's Reach.
    • A unique title, existing only in Orlais.
    • Tasked with the safeguarding of the city they are appointed to.
    • In an emergency situation - invasion, large scale attack, rebellion etc - they are given full control of all security and military forces barring those closest to the Emperor and the White Divine.
    • They advise the highest ranking lord present in the city on all security matters.
    • Most often own a significant number of the deeds to buildings within the city.

Low Lords

  • Marquis/Marquess
    • Formally addressed as 'My Lordship' or 'My Ladyship'.
    • There are four - one each for Ghislain, Arlesans, Val Chevin and Mont de Glace.
    • They hold ownership of land which is situated at the borders of the Empire.
    • Their role - as well as determining local law, or in some cases, oversee it (due to the presence of comtes) - is to see that the city, and surrounding territories, are prepared for war.
    • Knowledge of all aspects of war is held to a high degree.
    • Heads a war council for their region.
    • Consults with the Templar Order for their region.

  • Comte
    • Formally addressed as 'My Lord' or 'My Lady'
    • There are many across the Empire.
    • Often own smaller pieces of land.
    • When seen to be increasing their share of land it is often considered that they are attempting to increase their rank of title.
    • Most common title given.
    • Often born into, rarely earned.


Masculine Titles

  • King ('Your Majesty')
  • Prince ('Your Highness')
  • Teyrn ('Your Lordship')
  • Arl ('My Lord')
  • Bann ('My Lord')
  • Lord ('My Lord'.)
  • Knight ('Ser')

Feminine Titles

  • Queen ('Your Majesty')
  • Princess ('Your Highness')
  • Teyrna ('Your Ladyship')
  • Arlessa ('My Lady)
  • Lady ('My Lady'. Another shocker.)
  • Knight ('Ser')

Free Marches

  • Viscount (The ruler of Kirkwall and Kaiten)
  • Prince (Declared by the first Vael ruler of Starkhaven to be the title of the ruler.)
  • Lord Chancellor (Ruler of Tantervale)
  • Margrave (Ruler of Ansburg)
  • Teyrn (Ruler of Ostwick)
    • Champion - a title given by a ruler of a Marcher city to someone who has proven their dedication to a city in blood.)
    • Serah - a title of address to someone of equal or lesser status)
    • Messere - a title of address to someone of greater status)

Tevinter Imperium

  • Archon (Supreme ruler of the Imperium- Note that this has always been male.)
  • Altus: Mages who were descendants of the original Dreamers. Highest rank of mage nobility. Most of these are also Magisters.)
  • Magister / Magistra (Members of the Magisterium - Appointed or inherited, usually the latter. The bulk majority of Magisters are male. )
  • Laetan (Mages born to families with no prior history of magic or to mage families who have practiced magic for generations but cannot trace ancestry to the Dreamers.)
  • Soporati ('Mundane' or non mage Tevinter citizens.)
  • Liberati (Liberated slaves, still not considered citizens. Can join Circles, own property and serve as apprentices in trade but can't do much else.)

Those not listed

Note: For countries not listed it can be assumed that they have general titles and ranks particular to their system of government, such as king/queen, prince/princess, lord/lady, etc. Exceptions to that would be:

  • Antiva, which has the merchant princes who have a considerable amount of power, above that of most nobility.
  • Small, independent tribal subcultures within Rivain.
  • Places which are dominated by a belief of the Qun.
  • Other subregions within these countries which may have their own independent systems of government.

The staff reserve the right to add to this list as lore is developed. Sourcing: | Dragon Age: World of Thedas, Volume 1