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ANNOUNCEMENT! Inquisition Lore is being produced.

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16/08/2016 | Seeker Specialisation

15/08/2016 | Nightwell Fortress

24/02/2016 | Spellbreaker Specialisation

24/02/2016 | Spellbreaker Restrictions

01/11/2015 | Spellbreaker

21/09/2015 | The Council of Heralds

19/09/2015 | Anderfels Country Hub

19/09/2015 | Antiva Country Hub

19/09/2015 | Deep Roads Country Hub

19/09/2015 | Ferelden Country Hub

19/09/2015 | Free Marches Country Hub

19/09/2015 | Nevarra Country Hub

19/09/2015 | Orlais Country Hub

19/09/2015 | Rivain Country Hub

19/09/2015 | Tevinter Country Hub

Welcome to the Chronicles of Thedas wiki. This is where the lore of Thedas is found, though it is only specific to the CoT RPG and so cannot be applied to other games. Here we marry the official lore from the Dragon Age series with original lore inspired by the setting. This project is a collaborative effort, involving the efforts of our membership; we take great pride in the work of our members and thank them also.

To navigate this wiki we advise you utilise the search, of course, but also the sidebar; the categories linked therein reflect the infrastructure of the game we play and how we build the world.

If you have any questions or need help please go to our contact page, the link to which can also be found in the sidebar.